posted by Malachi Chadwick

first 'fracking village' wants to quit fossil fuels. Let's help them out!

Introducing Back Balcombe: our new project to help Balcombe - and Britain - choose a better energy future

The kids of REPOWERBalcombe, with Angel, the official mascot

Last year, Balcombe got famous for all the wrong reasons. 

Targeted to be first in a new wave of oil and gas drilling, the sleepy Sussex village found itself hosting riot police, protesters and tv crews.

This year will be different.

Keen to see a positive, practical response to the divisive fracking debate, residents have set up a clean-energy co-op called REPOWERBalcombe. The goal: build enough community-owned solar power to match the electricity needs of every home in the village.

It's bold, it's brilliant, and (we hope) it should happen everywhere!

That's why we've created Back Balcombe, a national project for anyone who wants to support REPOWERBalcombe's amazing work, and start spreading the repower magic more widely.

We're backing Balcombe, and you can too - visit to get started!