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Global news round up


Il baratto : la pratica che torna di moda

Global news round up

This week, we celebrated climate week with a bunch of carbon cutting actions, got great veg box and carpooling advice from Italy, and learned about a Danish company aiming to cut 95% of their emissions next year.

  • Every week is climate week here at 10:10 HQ, but this week is Climate Week, which is different. As you might expect from an event that's all about getting on and doing stuff, 10:10ers including Spurs, the Science Museum and the British Council are right at the heart of the action – our friend Trevor Payne at UCLH even won a prize!


Andare all'Università con il carpooling: un'iniziativa nell'ottica 10:10

Per gli studenti che vogliono raggiungere l'obbiettivo di riduzione stabilito da 10:10, andare all'università con il carpooling è l'opportunità perfetta e alla portata di tutti !

Lucia riduce la CO2 comprando frutta e verdura dai Gruppi di Acquisto

Global news round up

This week, 10:10ers are all about cool carbon-friendly summers; from air con alternatives to sustainable travel and solar energy, there's no shortage of ideas on how to make this a great 10:10 summer. 

Arianna riduce la CO2 non usando il condizionatore!

Global news round up

This week, the Dutch 10:10 crew get their fellow carbon cutters thinking about energy savings, while the 10:10 team in the UK is on the look out for new members of staff and 10:10ers in Barcelona lobby for a healthier and cleaner city.

Giovanna risparmia acqua e vota si al Referendum del 12/13 Giugno


Global news round up

This week, some 10:10ers around the world were all about low carbon food and cycling,  while others have been busy prepping for World Environment Day or treading the boards as Shakespeare's Hamlet.