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posted by julika

news round up

Fancy a traincation to Barcelona? Solar panels on your roof? Draft-proofing your Victorian home? Look no further.


This week, we swap you low-carbon travel tips from Copenhagen to Spain and tips on how to make the most of your new solar roof for your questions about making old buildings more efficient.

  • Old houses are amazing, but those draughty chimneys, rattly windows and ancient boilers can play havoc with your carbon cutting plans. That's why we've booked an interview with home energy expert Mukti Mitchell, who specialises in making old buildings more efficient. What should we ask him?
  • Had enough of the rain in England or the heatwave just about everywhere else? Then why not check out 10:10 Denmark's low-carbon travel tips to Spain and London?!
  • In this blog, Pia from 10:10 Chile takes a deeper look at the various scenarios of how we might be influenced by climate change in the future and concludes that the key is to take action today!
  • Finally, a reminder for all of you python developers out there: we have two jobs going here at 10:10 HQ in London. Take a look!