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posted by julika

news round up

240 new solar panels for Brighton, good news on the renewables front and carbon guides from Chile


Ocado's low-carbon delivery trucks are proudly displaying the 10:10 logo.

This week: 240 new solar panels in Brighton, a chance to join the Dutch and UK campaign teams and greenhouse gas reporting insights from Chile and the UK

  • In East Sussex, Brighton Energy Coop has installed its first community owned solar panels at Shoreham Port. The 240 panels will form the largest solar system in the county. Get involved, help them start work on their other sites across Brighton and Hove and maybe make a bit of money by buying shares in the scheme - find out more.
  • Congrats to fellow 10:10er and director of 10:10 Netherlands, Wijnand Duyvendak for launching his very own brand new social consultancy!
  • As you probably all know ;),  this week is National Shed Week. To celebrate, we shared a pic of 10:10's Skype shed, where we sit and chat rather than travel to meetings.

  • Last but not least, here's a snap of some of the many amazing 10:10 coordinators around the globe. We met for a two-day conference last week (don't worry, they came by train) and came up with some exciting new joint campaigns. Watch this space!