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posted by julika

news round up


This week we've been gearing up for clock change, learnt to barter like an expert from our 10:10 friends in Italy and have got excited about low-carbon superhomes. 


  • You may not have heard much from the Lighter Later crew in a while, but they've been busy behind the scenes preparing for May, when the old Private Members' Bill merry-go-round will creak into life once again. We’re hoping to find an MP who'll bring the Daylight Saving Bill back to parliament so it can get the second chance it deserves. Read the full update here
  • 10:10er Lisa has been sharing her top haggling and bartering tips to equip you for the more ruthless of flea markets! Instead of throwing out your unwanted goods, why not trade them in for something you need at a local market? Check out the blog which includes links to the best markets in Milan and Naples.
  • Do you think your parents or teachers could do more to cut their carbon footprints? Then check out this checklist for kids produced by the 10:10 team in the Netherlands (it's been left white for easy printing and colouring by hand if you fancy). For more ideas, check out one of our favourite organisations in the US: Greenmyparents.com has loads of ideas on how to get your peers and parents save money and carbon.
  • The Island President, a film about the former president of the Maldives’ climate leadership at COP15 in 2009, launched at the Human Rights Watch film festival in London last night. Find out  where and when the film screens near you.
  • 10:10 Brighton & Hove is celebrating the weekend with some fab energy saving prizes. Check out how to take part.
  • Keen on more inspiration on how to turn your home into low-carbon superhome? Then check out this network of ultra-efficient houses that are running a week of open days starting this Saturday.  
  • Last but not least, if you live in any of these countries, don't forget to change your clocks this weekend: it's the start of summer time! To help you get in the mood, we enlisted our friend Neil Bopperson – the sunniest person we know – to make a special sunshine playlist for you. Listen and share it here