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Five things you didn't know were solar powered

Solar power is definitely gaining momentum in the UK. In the past two years alone solar output in the UK has grown by a whopping 41 times! And we at 10:10 couldn’t be happier. In fact, our latest project, called Solar Schools, is all about getting schools across the UK to generate their own power.

Most of the times, pv cells are tucked out of sight and you could be in a solar-powered building without even knowing it! In fact, we bet you’d be surprised to find out that these places have gone solar as well! 

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New tools to green up your business

Has 10:10 has inspired you to turn your organisation into low-carbon paradise but you’re not quite sure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve dreamed up an awesome carbon-cutting project and would like to consult with people who’ve already done something similar? Rejoice – the Carbon Trust has it covered!


If you are looking to make some 10:10-inspired changes to your house after the Green Deal kicks in, and if one of your guilty pleasures happens to be nosing in other people’s houses, you’re in luck. The Sustainable Energy Academy’s SuperHomes events, showcasing throughout September, should be right up your street!

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