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Cut your carbon

Emissions-reducing tips and inspiration


10 tips to help you cut your carbon


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OR interested in getting your staff motivated in carbon cutting? Why not use our 10:10 staff engagement quiz (in English)?

Is Dutch your native language? 10:10 Netherlands have made their own 10:10 quiz. Download it here.

10:10 France have also made their own carbon-cutting quiz in French. Download it here.

Case studies

Find out how others are doing 10:10

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And view the story of 10:10 Global so far by looking at our fabulous Look Book...

View online | Download (pdf – large file)

If you would like to become a 10:10 case study fill in the case study questions and send them over to [email protected]


New! See tips and case studies corresponding to a particular area of your carbon footprint.


See upcoming environmental events around the world

> the EEA's website

Spread the word

Tell the world about 10:10

Website banners and logos

Spread the word on your website or blog.



Basic logo with strapline


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Template emails

Pre-written messages to help you get the word out. Copy, paste, personalise and send.

Email to friends

Email to colleagues, customers, or supporters

Email signature

Copy text and image:

We’re cutting our carbon by 10% as part of the 10:10 campaign. Join us at

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Social networks

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Switch-off stickers

These stickers have been made compatible with the Avery L7651 label sheet but can be used with non-pre-cut sticky sheets.



Sign people up

Our offline signup app allows you to sign people up to 10:10 without an internet connection.

PC version | Mac version | Installation instructions

Holding an event without access to a computer? Use these printable signup forms.


The 10:10 Tag

10:10 Tags
Made from a
recycled jumbo jet 

Window stickers

Window stickers
in four sizes

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Sign people up direct from your website/intranet


Poster resources from 10:10's global hubs

Editable graphics

Incorporate 10:10 branding into your comms (in English)

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